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Get Your Tickets to "Christmas in My Hometown"

Get your tickets to "Christmas in My Hometown," a Broken Arrow Community Playhouse fundraiser! Buy your tickets here:

Christmas In My Hometown is the merging of two one-act musicals, the first - Christmas Redemption - was a project that originated nearly a decade ago. The second - The Doors of Christmas - was written two years ago. Steve Cowen and Scott Brister presented both shows to the BACP play selection committee with the idea of presenting two acts. After Don Tabberer agreed to direct, he suggested blending the two one-acts into one show. Several rewrites and additional characters develop Christmas In My Hometown, a production we hope resonates with everyone that Christmas is the season of joy, family, and wonderment, but also carries the message of hope and forgiveness. This production is a fundraiser for the BACP and is sponsored by Next Door Escapes & Entertainment

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